Zoey (Callandria) Jones, Bali based, musical globe trotting goddess, from the UK, began her career in music after appearing as a finalist on the original TV talent show competition “Pop Idol” in 2002. Transitioning from her professional training and dream of being a Ballerina, Zoey quickly started finding her name within the music industry. Writing, recording and touring became the norm from then on for this talented new starlet.

In 2006, Zoey decided to take her talents and move to Portugal, She there got signed to a Top Fashion Modelling agency in Lisbon and also, started to record with many DJs and producers, releasing big global club hits and touring the country. She then formed her own band and original compositions with her debut performance being held at the world-renowned Pop/ Rock music festival “Rock In Rio”. Zoey, often featured at many MTV music events, either singing or djing. Her music videos also often appeared on the MTV music Portugal channel.

After years of writing and touring Portugal, in the financial crisis of 2009, Zoey then took a move to Asia, taking her first Jazz residency in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with the King of Cambodia being the most regular and enthusiastic guest (and fan)! Zoey’s performance agenda didn’t stop from then on, taking her voice and grace around the region, living and working in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Hong Kong and performing at some of the most high end luxury events and brands Inc. Singapore Jazz Fest, Singapore Grand Prix, Penang Island Jazz festival, high end fashion brands Inc. Hermes, Chanel, Bentley, and 5 star hotels Inc. Four Seasons, The Ritz.. just to name a few..

Zoey has met and performed for many stars, royalties and musical influential A-listers. Including Sting, Omar Sheriff, Steven Tyler, Cee Lo Green and Randy Jackson – who’s comment to Zoey’s performance was that “He could listen to that voice all day long”!

Zoey’s focus now is solely on song writing, creating beautiful music videos and promoting her work online for her global audience. She has numerous songs in the pipeline to be released with DJ Rui Da Silva and with their most recent release “A Thousand Miles’ already showing great online and global success and traction. Zoey also recently released her beautiful single “Ready To Run’ which has been her most successful original composition with regards to online streaming so far.

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