The Princess Of Elegant Jazz, Lounge And Chill House Vibes. Zoey Jones’ beauty and elegance, paired with her outstanding voice and presence is one not so often compared to. This talented, international starlet, excels in the world of art and entertainment with her gift in song, songwriting and performance.. Her lyrics and song have touched many around the globe working with some of the worlds top producers and performing at some of the worlds largest and most renowned events, brands and festivals. Please check out her beautiful work on Spotify and add to your playlists..
With high end performances around the globe, Zoey has been quite the sought-after talent, with her elegant charm, soothing vocals, enchanting lyrics and soulful tone.
Zoey has recently released her latest single A Thousand Miles (produced by Rui Da Silva) which is available to download and stream on all online stores…

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Zoey Jones A Thousand Miles buy

“A Thousand Miles” by Zoey Jones and Rui Da Silva

A chilled mellow electronic downtempo song originally written about a distant love only felt within the heart. But now it also connects with the current situation of the global pandemic Covid 19. Where the world has gone into isolation. And people have been forced to be parted and quarantined from theirs loves, family and friends.

Zoey Jones Ready To Run buy

“Ready To Run” by Zoey Jones

Music video by Zoey Jones for her recent release of the single Ready To Run. About a passionate love that was never meant to be. Too painful to endure so letting go and moving on was the only option. Music video by Zoey Jones for her recent release of the single Ready To Run.

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Whats happening here in Bali.
Note. As musicians are still out of work due to COVID-19 regulations and lockdown, to enable us to still be able to create and provide online entertainment, new releases and music videos, please feel free to support myself as an artist via the donations option in the SHOP tab. Thank you so much and much Love x
During lockdown in Bali, Zoey has teamed up with DJ Scott Pullen (AUS) to perform online streams “Sunset Lockdown Sessions” live from Bali direct to FB and Instagram each Friday. Different venues inc their villas and other locations with in the Island. Please make sure to follow Zoey’s instagram and FB accounts for more information on the coming events.
A brief story on my lockdown journey, from not being allowed back into Hong Kong after living there for 5 years and having two days to figure out where i would be spending the next who knows how long in isolation, with no work yet being able to keep positively well. I find myself in Bali and how it has become a blessing in disguise for me.

Bali COVID19 Charity Donation

This campaign is to raise funds for monthly staple food packages for our students, malnourished and disabled children in our East Bali mountain village, that are seriously affected by the Covid-19 lockdown, meaning further isolation and economic hardships. During this difficult situation, we remain committed to helping these communities who have virtually no income now and shelter from COVID-19 in the safety of their homes and respective mountain hamlets.



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