Entertainment to perfection. Singer, songwriter and performer, Zoey Jones, has a gift of setting the mood for any beach club, lounge or high-end event. Her lyrics and song have reached a roaring high of monthly online streams and is the perfect addition to your Spotify playlists.
With high end performances around the globe, Zoey has been quite the sought-after talent, with her elegant charm, soothing vocals, enchanting lyrics and soulful tone.
Zoey has recently released her latest single A Thousand Miles (produced by Rui Da Silva) which is available to download and stream on all online stores…

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“A Thousand Miles” by Zoey Jones and Rui Da Silva

A chilled mellow electronic downtempo song originally written about a distant love only felt within the heart. But now it also connects with the current situation of the global pandemic Covid 19. Where the world has gone into isolation. And people have been forced to be parted and quarantined from theirs loves, family and friends.

Zoey Jones Ready To Run buy

“Ready To Run” by Zoey Jones

Music video by Zoey Jones for her recent release of the single Ready To Run. About a passionate love that was never meant to be. Too painful to endure so letting go and moving on was the only option.

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